Architectural acoustics

A successful acoustic interior design is directly perceptible for everyone: A low level of background noises, a good intelligibility of speech even at longer distances and a generally excellent “acoustic atmosphere”.



PA systems and media technology

PA systems are found almost everywhere and are used for a wide range of purposes. However, they have several things in common: Sound reinforcement for stadiums, voice alarm systems, and announcement systems, e.g. in train stations and on airports, all require a sufficient acoustic power, sound quality, and speech intelligibility. Further media-technical equipment such as projection, lighting and conference equipment is designed by our experts.




Acoustic insulation

In order to ensure that several parties in one room are able to work together in a fashion that is both peaceful and undisturbed, adequate soundproofing measures within buildings, between buildings, and to the outside are essential. This requires a selection of suitable construction materials and designs for windows, walls, floors, and facades.




Immission control

In the field of sound immission control, we develop computer-aided, three-dimensional forecast models with regard to sound propagation and carry out measurements in order to certify compliance with the relevant regulations and specifications.




Acoustical measuring technology

We carry out any kind of acoustical measurement using calibrated measuring equipment. Permanent noise monitoring is an important tool in the field of sound immission control. This serves to certify compliance with statutory requirements or specifications of notices of approval of industrial facilities, racing facilities, or construction sites.




Research & development

Special projects and new challenges often raise the question of whether they can be solved by means of state-of-the-art technology. The experts in our engineering firm have the skill to analyse specific research tasks and elaborate new solutions.




Specialist office

Specialist office: Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Rohde is an accredited and court-certified expert for acoustics (Austria). We can draw up expert’s reports for the submission in court.

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